MASK ME! My favorite face masks

Sunday through Thursday night I bet you $100 I have on a face mask. Nothing is more relaxing than lathering my face in amazing product and feeling all the impurities leave my skin. Doing several masks a week means I keep a lot of masks of several different varieties on hand. Continue reading to see my favorites (in no particular order).





This mask is by far the most unique. This particular formula has been released in several different limited edition colors such as Sonic Blue (retired), Power Ranger gold and green and even the new #GlitterMask. The formula is the same across the board and visibly lifts and firms the skin. Check out the originalglittergreen and gold GRAVITYMUD Firming Treatments! 



This glam glow mask is amazing for breakouts and blemishes. The ingredients are amazing for fighting acne and the mask smells amazing. Shop Supermud Clearing Treatment.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 4.52.36 PM


Need a quick fix for dry skin? THIRSTYMUD™ is the best mask for you. This mask smells like a trip to Florida and is extremely hydrating. Hydrate your skin with THIRSTYMUD™ HYDRATING TREATMENT.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 4.52.48 PM


TACHA Violet-C Radiance Mask

If the striking purple color and refreshing smell can’t sell you on this product, then feel your skin after applying this mask. My skin literally GLOWS after using this mask, along with me feeling like a greek goddess due to the price tag. Amp up your skin care routine with TACHA Violet-C Radiance Mask.



Boscia Luminizing Black Charcoal Mask

This is my holy grail peel off mask. It is so amazing for removing blackheads and pulling dirt out of the skin. I have gone through TWO tubes of this product which is so rare for me and I just recently purchased the limited edition JUMBO version. Peel off all your impurities using Boscia Luminizing Black Charcoal Mask and even shop the JUMBO version.


Charlotte Tilbury

Goddess Skin Clay Mask

This is the most unique clay mask I have ever used. Instead of drying down and cracking all over your face, this mask stays on your skin as a fresh, wet mud like you JUST applied it. It is so comfortable to wear and smells luxurious, order your Goddess Skin Clay Mask today! Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 4.33.54 PM.png

Peter Thomas Roth

 Irish Moor Mud Mask

This is another classic mud mask. This mask is so purifying and leaves my skin looking flawless. The formula is so awesome and I feel like I’m sticking my face into a mud bank in Ireland. This mask is also odorless, if scent is something you like to stay away from. Check out the  Irish Moor Mud Mask from Peter Thomas Roth.


Rodan and Fields 


Warning: this mask can be a little stinky, but only because it is packed with sulfur which is great for fighting acne. My blemishes quickly improve after using this mask and it is a product I can not live without. One awesome thing about Rodan and Fields face wash is that most of them double as a mask. Get your sulfur on with the UNBLEMISH ACNE TREATMENT SULFUR WASH.41ez3FbqmBL._SY355_.jpg


This mask is perfect for anti aging. This white gritty mask pushes itself into the fine lines in my face, while also cleaning my skin to perfection. I love the texture of this mask and it leaves my skin feeling baby smooth. Shop the REDEFINE DAILY CLEANSING MASK and the rest of the REDEFINE line.AAWA125-web.JPG



Another charcoal mask for the win! It does not matter who you are or what kind of skin you have, everyone wants to have clean and clear pores. This mask is so great for pulling out stubborn dirts and oils. Get your pores in check with Origins Charcoal Maskorigins_sku_767G02_500x625_0.png.



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