ZAZA: Cauliflower Crust Pizza and Best TOPPINGS

Who doesn’t love PIZZA! Pizza is one of my all time favorite foods… but more specifically, I love making a homemade pizza. Once I discovered Caulipower Trust the Crust at Kroger, I was hooked. It tastes just like “real” crust, is thin and crispy, and holds together very nicely (some cauliflower crusts don’t). I’m not a TOTAL freak, I love real, greasy pizza… but when it comes to making pizza at home, I love cauliflower crust JUST as much. Keep reading to learn how I make it and the toppings I cannot live without. 

First: Get the crust out of the box. After rubbing a little olive oil on top, I’ll stick the crust in the oven on 400. I leave the crust in for 10-15 minutes just to get it heated a little. 

Second: While the crust is in the oven, I prepare my sauce and toppings. These are the toppings I love to put on a pizza..

-red sauce
-cheese (whatever type I’m feeling in the moment)
-bell peppers
-chopped tomatoes
-olive oil or truffle oil

Third: Throw all the goods on the pizza and pop it back in the oven. At this point I just eyeball the pizza to see when the cheese is melted and everything looks nice and warm.

Last: Pull out your pizza and enjoy!

I love a good pizza night, and using this delicious cauliflower crusts makes me feel a littttle less guilty!!


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