VITAMINS: What I Take Every Day

I am a major believer in the power of vitamins. With that being said, it is very important to take good quality vitamins for good quality results and health. What I take is always changing based on my needs, but these are what I am currently loving. 

I have alternated my multivitamin for years, but when Tati Westbrook’s brand Halo Beauty came out with a multi, I knew that would be one I stick with. I have mentioned Halo in a previous blog post. I believe in this company 100% and know that they are putting their best foot forward when it comes to including legit, good ingredients in their vitamins. Not only is the quality AMAZING for a vitamin, but it is priced extremely well. I love this Multi! Click here for HER DAILY MULTI BODY & BRAIN BOOSTER.

Halo Beauty: Hair Skin and Nails or Kiwi
I go back and fourth between these two vitamins. You do NOT take both of them at the same time, which is why I alternate. Both HSN (Hair, Skin, Nails) and Kiwi have similar formulations, but Kiwi focuses strictly on the skin. I am currently taking HNS but going back to Kiwi once I finish my bottle. I can tell a BIG difference in my skin when taking Kiwi, and my hair grows like crazy when I take HSN. Click here for HSN and here for Kiwi.

I take a B12 vitamin in the mornings and I can tell a major difference in my energy levels since I began doing this. I have used a ton of different brands, but I am currently using 365 from Whole Foods. You can also find it on Amazon

Probiotics are super important for gut health as well as other things. I take a probiotic pill every day, and have also gone in-between brands. I love the Garden of Truth brand for this vitamin because they recently came out with packaging where you do not have to refrigerate your probiotic. I had no problem refrigerating mine, but in the past I would forget to take it because it wasn’t with the rest of my vitamins. You can get 25% off this vitamin if you order using Thrive Market.


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