Stuffed Peppers

*MAJOR DISCLAIMER* As much as I cook, I never measure or do anything the “right” way. I am always eyeballing and going with the flow. If you want an extremely detailed recipe, this is NOT IT (but still look at my post anyways)!

Bell peppers are a VIP in the kitchen. Cut them up raw and eat with hummus as a snack. Sauté them for a great side dish. Throw them on top of a pizza (see blog post). Cook them in fajitas or stir fry, the list goes on and on. One of my favorite ways to cook bell peppers is to stuff them. In this post I will go through two different ways I like to stuff peppers..

weird (but cool) find at the farmers market

Step 1: Prep your Pep
Before stuffing any pepper, I wash it. After washing I cut off the top, then ~carefully~ gut the inside (watch this tutorial if you’re lost, thanks Harry). The last thing I will do while prepping is even out the bottom of the pepper so it can stand up. I do this with a knife and usually cut off rouge pieces until its semi even. *Make sure to NOT cut too much to where there is a hole in the bottom of your pepper, or all the contents will fall out.

Step 2: Stuff
I love to stuff my peppers with ground beef or seafood. The prepping is the hardest part, this is easy.

In the pictures above, I stuffed my peppers with seasoned ground beef and rice. I topped it off with cheese. (Looking back on these pictures, these peppers would have been even better if I had mixed the meat in some sort of red sauce…my current favorite is Emeril’s Roasted Garlic Pasta Sauce). Drizzle a little olive oil on top and stick in the oven. I put it on 350 and eyeball the time.

For these peppers, I stuffed with couscous, shrimp, a little crab meat, and some herbs. Again, drizzle a little olive oil on top and stick in the oven. Same on oven temperature and time.

Step 3: Eat.

As you can see, it’s hard to mess up stuffed peppers. As long as you don’t bust a hole in the bottom (and even if you do who cares), you’re going to have a delicious meal.

Any stuffing suggestions? Comment below!


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