Desert Island: 5 Seasonings I’d Take

There are five seasonings I absolutely cannot live without. Imagining myself on a desert island, I believe I’d survive if I had these five important seasonings.

TAJIN Clásico Seasoning
Its no secret how much I love TAJIN seasoning. This goes great on a multitude of foods including avocado, fish, chicken, vegetables, fruit and even the rim of a Mexican style drink. I purchase my TAJIN at Kroger.

Large Salt Grinder with Light Grey Celtic Sea Salt
This is not your ordinary salt. Although I love pink Himalayan salt, this Light Grey Celtic salt has taken the number one spot in my heart. This salt has a wide range of mineral benefits, and I love the texture of the salt when it is ground. You can purchase this salt on Thrive Market, saving money using my link here.

Black Pepper
Black pepper is an obvious third choice for my desert island seasonings. No rhyme or reason for this selection, you just can’t beat this staple.

I love cooking with herbs, but if I had to only choose one it would be oregano. Personally, my favorite herb is rosemary, but I believe oregano goes better with more dishes and I don’t want to be stranded without flavor!

Chili Powder
Last but not least, I would bring some chili powder. Chili powder gives food that special kick without being completely overbearing. Although this one seems simple, I think its going to make my island experience even more tasty.

Use my Thrive Market link to save on your order!

What are your desert island seasonings? XOXO!

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