The Recipe for Great Sleep

Good sleep is ESSENTIAL. Nothing feels worse than waking up from bad sleep, not to mention the detrimental consequences such as hunger, weight gain, crankiness and exhaustion through the day. Sleep is so important for health, which is why I made it my mission to master the recipe for a great night of sleep. Keep reading to see what I do every night.

JJ Virgin Sleep Candy
This has become an ESSENTIAL part of my nighttime routine. I love JJ Virgin for all things health and really trust her. These candies REALLY work and not only help me to fall asleep but stay asleep. The lemon flavor is light and enjoyable. For any questions about JJ’s Sleep Candy check out this article. 

CBD Oil: ZuRI Wellness Drops
Taking CBD oil has changed my sleep completely. CBD has such a wide range of benefits, one of which is better sleep. This CBD brand has NO TCH, but still be careful when first trying CBD oil. There are tons of great brands and options when it comes to CBD oil, but this is the bottle I’m currently working on. 

Manta Sleep Mask – 100% Blackout Eye Mask
A sleep mask is KEY. Nothing is going to mess up your sleep more than having light shining in your eye or someone turning on a light. I have been using random eye masks off of Amazon which were fine, but this Manta Sleep Mask is a GAME CHANGER. It has soft blackout cups that go over your eyes and completely blocks out any light. It is adjustable and comfortable. I cannot live without this!

Reading a Book Before Bed
I love reading in general, but reading a book before bed can make me extraaaa sleepy. Your before bed book should be a good one to keep you entertained, but not so good you stay up until 3am reading it (I am guilty). I read on a Kindle because I can read it in the dark and I couldn’t keep up with all the physical books I was collecting. Check out my blog post about what I read from November to June.

Perfect Room Temperature
You’re not going to sleep well when you’re sweating bullets, but you also won’t sleep well when you’re freezing cold. I like to set the thermostat to around 65-67, so that I am chilly, but warm under the covers. This sounds so silly but it’s IMPORTANT! I threw in a shot of this Google Nest because it looks cute, but I don’t use one. 

Good Sheets/Pillow
Lastly, you need to dress your bed for success. Having comfortable sheets and a good pillow can make or break your night of sleep. Everyone looks for different things in sheets and pillows, but my favorite sheets are Pure Beech® 100% Modal Sateen Sheet Set from Bed, Bath & Beyond, and I love a memory foam pillow.

Sleep tight! XOXO!

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