Who I Follow on Instagram

Instagram is easily my favorite social media platform. I love the visuals and layout, not to mention all the inspiration I get from following great people. Whether its health, food, funny, fashion, beauty or Christian inspiration-I follow it all. Continue reading to see which accounts I follow on the daily. 

Kathleen Barnes 
I can’t remember how I found Kathleen Barnes, but I love her recommendations and her fashion. She keeps it real on social media and is super funny, not to mention she just had the CUTEST baby. You can find her on Instagram @kathleen_barnes or on her blog, https://carriebradshawlied.com

Heather McMahan 
Heather McMahan is one of the best people on Instagram, hands down. I discovered Heather through several friends who followed her because she went to my college. She is HILARIOUS. She makes me actually laugh out LOUD when I am by myself. Her Instagram is gold and her podcast, Absolutely Not, is even better. If you need a laugh, follow @heatherkmcmahan.

Neda Varbanova
I recently found Neda and I am completely in love. From what I can tell she loves food JUST as much as I do. She has so many incredible recipes, keeping all of her ingredients clean. She also features great juices and her daily workouts which I love trying to follow. Check out @healthywithnedi and look for her special martini recipe too!

Poosh is Kourtney Kardashian’s brand which covers everything from selfceare to lifestyle and food. I like their articles which I get emailed, and love their pictures on instagram. Follow @poosh.

Alexia Clark 
If you need fitness and workout inspiration, follow Alexia Clark. You can tell from the way she looks she has a great program. She posts SO many different workout moves you can do in the gym or at home. I have been following her for a while, and recently purchased her resistance bands. They honestly are the best bands I have used in a while. Follow @alexia_clark for all your workout inspo.

Rick Warren
My mom introduced me to Rick Warren and I absolutely love him. He leads a church in California, but he does so much more than that. From this website (click here) you can listen to short, daily devotionals. I also follow his Instagram where scriptures and daily inspirations are posted with gorgeous pictures. Seeing Pastor Rick’s daily picture is a bright spot in my day. Follow @pastorrickwarren.

Alex Snodgrass/The Defined Dish
The Defined Dish is the absolute holy grail for easy, healthy and DELICIOUS recipes. She recently released a cook book and everything I have made from her is out of this world. Before her cook book was released, I followed her Instagram posts for some seriously amazing food. Follow @thedefineddish

Glo is the online yoga program from the yoga brand, Alo. Not only do I love the clothing brand, but I am a big fan of yoga. Glow posts a lot of inspirational quotes along with different yoga tips. I am immediately relaxed when I see these calming posts go across my screen. Follow @yogaglo

Who do you follow on Instagram?! XOXO!

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