Sip Sip Rosé

Nothing is better than enjoying a cold glass of rosé when it is hot outside. Recently, my cousin Quin introduced me to Vivino, a website/app where you can rate, search and explore different types of wines. With the help of Vivino and my wine palate, I’m bringing you the best rosés to sip in the […]

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Wine is made from grapes so it HAS to be a fruit…right? Red, white or bubbly..I do not discriminate. Not only do I love to enjoy a glass of wine with family and friends, but the art and science of wine is beyond fascinating to me. These are my all time favorites when it comes […]

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Summer of Rosé

Rosé is a staple beverage for the hot summer months. I enjoy rosé all year long, but it is especially essential in the summer. I prefer my rosé to be light, tarte and crisp opposed to dark, heavy and sweet, and all of these rosé’s are personal favorites. Cheers!   XOXO

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